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    Go here for the financing applications:

    Financing a Range Home is easy, you can apply with your bank or credit union or any other mortgage lender. Our homes are composite builds and built to strict Florida Builders Code. If your property says Vacant Residential, then you can purchase a Range Home with traditional lenders.  Our lender of choice – Click  on the link above and talke with Team Hilla and they will be happy  to help you with your home ownership goal.

    Some of the key factors for home ownership

    • Appreciation. A long-term investment. Many homes increase in value as the debt attached to them decreases.
    • Ownership. By purchasing a home, you’re investing in an asset over time.  When your loan is paid off, you’ll own your home and you will have built equity in it.
    • Equity. When you build equity, you’ll also have an option to borrow against it to gain access to funds through refinancing or a home equity line of credit.
    • Stability. Rent costs can change dramatically, but with a fixed rate mortgage, you’ll know what your payments will be throughout the life of the loan. This keeps payments stable.
    • Deductions. Mortgage interest and property taxes are usually tax deductible. Other aspects like points and application and appraisal fees may also be deductible.

    Meet with your Lender

    A pre-approval shows you’ve spoken to us, provided initial documentation, set your budget and considered the next steps. This can give you an advantage over other home shoppers in a competitive market. Be sure to open your conversation with “I am looking to purchase a Range Home“.  Don’t forget to talk with your Range Homes representative so they can provide you            and Team Hilla with the information they need.

    Advantages of buying over renting:

    • Build equity and wealth
    • Pride of ownership
    • Security and stability
    • Tax benefits (consult your tax advisor)
    • It’s YOURS! Own Pets – no problem, neon yellow walls – whatever you like, smart devices – as many as you need but most importantly – YOUR rules!


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