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    Permit Management

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    Building permit are a neccesatity when starting any project, it is an official approval issued by the local government agency that allows you or your contractor to proceed with a construction or remodeling project on your property. It helps elimate unlicensed contractors who may do more harm to your project than short term good! It is intended to ensure that all project plans comply with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction. These standards are set inplace to ensure the safety of current and future owners and occupants and to provide enforcement of zoning and land-use policies. Yes, you can do the permits yourself but we do not recommend it as there is much paperwork and order of things which must happen to get an approval. A permit person has the knowledge to put together your requirements, make sure all your contractors are registered with the county, then submit everything required to get a fast approval. With our referred service we know the paperwork is done, Scheduling is done, inspections are called in and and the goal of a certificate of ocupancy can be reached in a timely manner.

    • Full-building permit application
    • Permit tracking
    • Status updates
    • Registrations
    • Notary public services

    Of course, timing is based on your county dept. timing , if you do not have everything together with the intial submission your application goes to the back of the line so it is important to use a professional service such as Permit Queen of SWFL or Panda Permits. These two companies work hand in hand and usually will get your permit approved fast!

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